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Audio Spares
price availability
stylus Audio Tech ATN3600    
stylus Sharp RP30 T/T £11.00 3
stylus Sharp STY101  /Kenwood N-47           £6.50 2
stylus Sharp STY104 /SG400 £12.00 5
stylus Sharp STY717 £8.00 5
stylus Sharp STY117            
stylus Sony ND127P   1
cartridge sharp 717 for models SG220/320/315 £12.00 3
 stylus Acos GP19 Nuway N.6 LP sapphire   2
 stylus   PC51 STL Nuway N.469 S sapphire   1
 Stylus Sony ND120P Nuway N.473 S Diamond   3
 stylus AG.3010 Nuway N.20 LP sapphire    
 stylus  EMI Multiplay Nuway N.16 LP sapphire    
 stylus  GP61 Nuway N.17 LP sapphire    
 stylus  GCS 10/1 (long) Nuway N.35 sapphire    
 stylus  GP15-27 Nuway N.8 LP sapphire    2
 stylus  ACOS GP61 Nuway N.17 LP sapphire    
 stylus STC488 Nuway N.471S LP diamond    
 stylus  DECCA XMS etc Nuway N.22 LP sapphire    
 stylus  SONOTONE 2T Nuway N.14 Dual sapphire    2
 stylus  COLLEL S.C1 Nuway No.61 Dual sapphire    2
 stylus  Power Point 56 Nuway N.49 Dual sapphire    
 stylus  PE194 Nuway N.480 DP S/S sapphire    
 stylus  Sony ND121 Nuway N.477 S diamond    
stylus TEPPAZ STEREO 60 Nuway N.52S diamond    
stylus STUDIO O Nuway N.3 LP diamond   1
cartridge Philips GP-215 £12.00 1
 stylus E.R STEREO 60 Nuway No.57 Dual sapphire    2
stylus NAT.PAN EPS24CS (DSC872)   1
stylus NAT.PAN EPS41 (DSC840) £12.00 1
stylus GOLDRING S.478 SR for sontre cartridge SN20   2
stylus NIVICO STS.2 Nuway N.375 DP S/S Diamond    
stylus ELLIP NF15E MK2 (DSC841K) ortofon FF15e   1
stylus VACCO LUXOR replacement (DSC224)   1
stylus TETRAD T50H (DSC788)   1
stylus RE-SON 33 Nuway   1
bearing  Sony  turntable bearing (short)      2
bearing Sony turntable bearing  (long)    2
belt Tanberg reel to reel (round) approx 7" diameter   3
head Rec/Play Head  WY436HY sharp  £3.00 6
coil JVC bias oscilator module 409P186A20   2
button B&O Beocentre 2000 play button   2
knob Marshall 6mm splined shaft bronze £2.00 6
socket Fender delux 112 9 pin pcb mounted jack i/p socket £3.00 5
Laser Pickup assemblies


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